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Tatsunoko Productions VS Capcom producer interviewed

2008-07-25 - Producer Ryouta Nizuma apologies to Famitsu.com for being an old man.  Read More »

Ad Watch: Debut Edition

2008-07-25 - Soul Calibur and Wii Fit in this first column  Read More »

August Virtual Console lineup revealed

2008-07-25 - Street Fighter II, Rockman and Sonic lead the summer lineup.  Read More »

Trigger Heart set for PS2

2008-07-25 - New ship and special limited edition planned for arcade to home port.  Read More »

Namco plans Tales of series fan event

2008-07-25 - First ever solo fan event for major RPG series.  Read More »

EA brings more to WiiWare

2008-07-25 - Pop joins chess version of Saikyo Ginsei series shortly.  Read More »

Gundam Meisters OO comes to PS2

2008-07-25 - New title to arrive as second season of anime kicks off  Read More »

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