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Today's retail leak: Tora Dora Portable

2009-01-08 - A release date and an extremely surprising name.  Read More »

Race Driver Grid bus hits Tokyo, Chiba

2009-01-08 - Promotional bus to feature 15 monitors blasting out game footage.  Read More »

Aerith costume hits Kingdom Hearts Mobile

2009-01-08 - Square Enix continue to update its Kingdom Hearts portal.  Read More »

Dissidia Tops Tsutaya Charts

2009-01-08 - Final Fantasy fighter fights back to take top spot from White Knight.  Read More »

WTF Famitsu!

2009-01-08 - I'd eat this if it were covered in mashed potato gravy.  Read More »

Urge to triple dip... rising

2009-01-08 - Idol Master SP makes me want to spend three times as much.  Read More »

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