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Iwata Q&A: Everything Else

2009-02-03 - A few final responses from Iwata's financial briefing Q&A session.  Read More »

Wii Fit honored at Media Arts Festival

2009-02-03 - Devil May Cry 4, Afrika, Pokemon and more to be shown in public exhibit  Read More »


2009-02-03 - The Dragon Ball Evolution box and why I hate it so.  Read More »

Iwata Q&A: Wii in Japan and Abroad

2009-02-03 - How does Nintendo plan to revitalize the Japanese console market?  Read More »

Iwata Q&A: Wii Storage

2009-02-03 - Nintendo still has plans for that darn storage solution  Read More »

Iwata Q&A: Wii Music

2009-02-03 - Does Iwata feel that Wii Music is a failure?  Read More »

Iwata Q&A: New Markets

2009-02-03 - What does Nintendo think about developing game markets?  Read More »

Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 collaborate with Home

2009-02-03 - Items, lounges and direct matching on the way for both Capcom titles.  Read More »

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