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Ken Kutaragi takes professorship

2009-02-27 - PlayStation father hoping to engage in debates with future leaders.  Read More »

Yakuza 3 launch tour

2009-02-27 - Banners, trucks, and attractive store displays for Sega's latest.  Read More »

Yoko Nogiwa is back!

2009-02-26 - And this time, she's playing Brain Age DSi in a kimono!  Read More »

Amazon lists Made in Ore date

2009-02-26 - Make your own Wario Ware in just a couple of months  Read More »

Yakuza 3: The Signing

2009-02-26 - My copy of Yakuza 3 is signed. Is yours?  Read More »

More Soul Calibur crap for Tales of the World

2009-02-26 - It really is a "tale" of swords and souls eternally retold.  Read More »

Hero 30: Meet the Time Goddess

2009-02-26 - Get down on your knees, and she may give you more time.  Read More »

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