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Tales of the World gets new EX Attack and items

2009-04-01 - Downloads in celebration of the start of school and the flower viewing season.  Read More »

Cat Watch

2009-04-01 - From the editors of Impress Watch.  Read More »

Falcom takes Ys VII multiplatform

2009-04-01 - The PSP version is just the start in a series of titles.  Read More »

Virtual On Xbox 360 Development Secrets Revealed

2009-04-01 - Plus, Twin Stick progress report could be coming this month.  Read More »

Arc's new Okiraku game for WiiWare

2009-04-01 - Publisher asks players to patiently wait through 18,000 year development time.  Read More »

Tecmo Koei Holdings opens shop

2009-04-01 - Company opens new corporate site and shares logo.  Read More »

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