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Hideki Kamiya Wants Pros to Try Bayonetta's Auto Mode

2009-10-08 - The director talks difficulty and recalls Viewtiful Joe's development.  Read More »

Sengoku Basara For Governor!

2009-10-07 - Capcom historical action title being tapped to turn out the vote in Miyagi.  Read More »

No Refreshment For You

2009-10-07 - Mother nature gives Sony a sign about its latest marketing campaign.  Read More »

More Taiko Drum Master for Wii

2009-10-07 - Something to work off all the calories from the Taiko Drum Master bento.  Read More »

Bitter Delay for R-Type Tactics II

2009-10-07 - Irem discovers bug towards end of development. Producer apologizes. Name still goes unexplained.  Read More »

Yakuza 4 to Feature In-Game Ads

2009-10-07 - Sega teams with Double Fusion to bring new tech to next Yakuza game.  Read More »

Irresistible Stitch Goods for New Stitch Game

2009-10-07 - A chance at winning some rare items for the popular Disney franchise.  Read More »

Senko no Rondo Duo Ver.2.00 Hits Arcades

2009-10-07 - Balance adjustments and new characters for latest "rev" of hybrid shooter and fighter.  Read More »

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