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First Look: Monster Hunter Diary

2009-12-18 - Airu are the stars of of this Monster Hunter spinoff title. First details and screens here.  Read More »

Lightning Recommends This TV

2009-12-18 - There's an official Final Fantasy XIII television set. Guess who makes it?  Read More »

New Naruto for Xbox 360 and PS3

2009-12-18 - Ultimate Ninja Storm sequel goes multiplatform in 2010.  Read More »

Nintendo Places Information Kiosks in Shops

2009-12-18 - Get details on Nintendo product straight from the gorilla's mouth.  Read More »

Super Street Fighter IV Blog Details New Stages

2009-12-18 - All about the India, Korea, savanna, and construction stages. Plus, guess who will be introducing Super to PS Home users?  Read More »

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