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Let's Review Mega Man 10's Story

2010-01-12 - Professor Wily and Mega Man must team up to fight Robotenza!  Read More »

Lightning and Hope Sitting in a Tree

2010-01-12 - What the fans think Final Fantasy XIII should have been about.  Read More »

Taito Shares World Hobby Fair Lineup

2010-01-12 - Cooking Mama, Everyone's Aquarium and more go playable at upcoming event.  Read More »

Let's Check out the Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition Blog

2010-01-12 - Director Yasuhiro Anpo speaks of his special relationship with the first RE.  Read More »

Dragon Quest IX Goes Budget

2010-01-12 - Last year's biggest release joining Square Enix's Ultimate Hits lineup.  Read More »

Nintendo Shares World Hobby Fair Plans

2010-01-12 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the main attraction once again.  Read More »

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