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This is what a Ukelele Pichu looks like

2010-01-16 - Nintendo shares a first look at the new Pokemon Ranger game.  Read More »

Aqua Plus Making a Fighting Game

2010-01-16 - To Heart 2, Utawareru Mono and Tears to Tiara feature in 2010 fighter.  Read More »

Pre-orders Open for Yakuza 4 Swig Set

2010-01-16 - Warning: Don't play games and drink... unless you have this special Yakuza flask.  Read More »

Square Enix Details VanaFest 2010

2010-01-15 - Final Fantasy XIV talk session to be held at annual fan event.  Read More »

This Week's Puchifami

2010-01-15 - Naruto, Digimon, Arabs, and love. And only one non-game! The games that weren't big enough for a full page in Famitsu.  Read More »

Mari Yaguchi Wants to Own Final Fantasy XIII's Vanille

2010-01-15 - Former Morning Musume star describes her voice acting desires for 2010.  Read More »

Not So Fast on that Half Minute Hero Download Version

2010-01-15 - Marvelous pulls download version of bite-sized PSP RPG due to bugs.  Read More »

Disgaea Adventure Game Gets a Package Release

2010-01-15 - Nippon Ichi announces retail version of download-only Disgaea Infinite.  Read More »

Level-5 Expands to Tokyo

2010-01-15 - Professor Layton publisher establishes studio with focus on mobile and overseas businesses.  Read More »

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