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Xbox Special Division is Here to Save the Day

2010-01-26 - Microsoft forms new task force to appeal directly to game characters.  Read More »

Capcom Details Dead Rising 2's Weapon System

2010-01-26 - Producer worried that violence level will lead to changes for Japanese version.  Read More »

Lost Planet 2 Collaborates with Gears of War

2010-01-26 - Capcom announces Xbox 360 exclusive costume crossover and multiplatform release date.  Read More »

Monster Hunter Set for Xbox 360

2010-01-26 - PC massively multiplayer online Monster Hunter being brought to Microsoft console.  Read More »

Date Set For Super Street Fighter IV

2010-01-26 - Capcom shares release information and unveils a must-have collectors package.  Read More »

Nintendo's New DSiWare Title Encourages Environmental Awareness

2010-01-26 - Solve space junk problem in new DSi Ware puzzler from Nintendo and Mindware.  Read More »

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