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Naughty BlazBlue Portable Bonus Items

2010-01-29 - The dirtiest thing about the PSP BlazBlue isn't the sprites.  Read More »

First Look: God Eater Mission Pack

2010-01-28 - Screens, videos and details on the pre-order bonus and download mission pack.  Read More »

Play Metal Gear Solid Piece Walker, Win Prizes

2010-01-28 - Konami bizarre promotional site could keep you busy until Peace Walker's March release.  Read More »

PS3 Thexder Neo Hits Today

2010-01-28 - Square Enix brings the classic Gamearts shooter to the PS3 worldwide.  Read More »

Your Super Street Fighter IV Packaging

2010-01-28 - Plus, what Ken's face looks like after a punch to the chin from friendly rival Ryu.  Read More »

Definitive Resident Evil Book Hits Next Month

2010-01-28 - All about the Umbrella arc of the RE story, in one compact book.  Read More »

Nintendo Expands Nintendo Zone Service

2010-01-28 - DS information terminals to appear at arcades and service stations.  Read More »

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