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Media Create Sales Chart Updated

2010-03-18 - Pokemon Ranger beats out all the new comers. Summon Night and GTA Chinatown Wars go bomba.  Read More »

Yakuza 4 Sees Highest Shipment in Series History

2010-03-18 - Toshihiro Nagoshi shares the good news at launch event where he also poses next to a special Hummer Limousine.  Read More »

First Look: Chaos Rings

2010-03-18 - Square Enix shares official media, opens an official site, and promises a worldwide release.  Read More »

PS3 Digital Video Recorder Appears to be a Hit

2010-03-18 - Early morning lines and sellouts as "torne" hits retail.  Read More »

Kratos Approves of this God of War Promotion

2010-03-18 - Gravure idol Yuri Morishita has a sweet poster for GoW Collection buyers.  Read More »

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