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Additional Details Surface on Nintendo 3DS

2010-03-24 - Mainstream news publications unearth details on control inputs, rumble and display technology.  Read More »

Hideo Kojima Addresses Peace Walker Paz PV Controversy

2010-03-24 - Final version of game will be nothing like the recently released character song video.  Read More »

Epic Games Forming Japanese Branch

2010-03-23 - Company to strengthen local UnrealEngine3 support. Suda 51 to appear at announcement press conference.  Read More »

DS Tops 30 Million Sold

2010-03-23 - New Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon inching towards six million units.  Read More »

Paz Dances and Prances By Big Boss on the Beach

2010-03-23 - Konami shares the Peace Walker character theme song promotional video.  Read More »

Metal Gear Teams With Mountain Dew

2010-03-23 - Hideo Kojima shares some mysterious pictures indicating a big beverage collaboration for Peace Walker.  Read More »

Nintendo Announces 3D DS Successor

2010-03-23 - Backwards compatible system to display 3D visuals without the need for special glasses.  Read More »

More on Hakan at the Super SFIV Blog

2010-03-23 - Original designs for the character, the mystery behind his hair, and more revealed!  Read More »

What if Yakuza 4 Were 8-Bit?

2010-03-23 - Kazuma and Haruka look pretty sweet as sprites.  Read More »

What You Can and Can't Do With Torne

2010-03-23 - ITmedia reports on what's missing from Sony's DVR kit.  Read More »

Okamiden Resurfaces

2010-03-23 - With a sudden burst in promotional activities, is a release finally at hand?  Read More »

More Yakuza Boozing

2010-03-23 - Add some limited edition Yakuza shochu and awamori bottles to your drink cabinet.  Read More »

Wrap Your DSi in Love Plus

2010-03-23 - From afar, it will look like you've painted your system the color of love.  Read More »

This is what a Fixed Tales of Graces Looks Like

2010-03-23 - Namco Bandai adds a sticker to let you know you have working code.  Read More »

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