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Yakuza 4 Soundtracks Hit iTunes

2010-03-25 - A game so big it needs two original soundtracks.  Read More »

Alan Wake Voice Cast Set

2010-03-25 - Microsoft shares the Japanese voices for Alan, Alice and Barry.  Read More »

King of Fighters XIII Official Blog Opens

2010-03-24 - "Don't think! Feeel!" writes producer Masaaki Kukino.  Read More »

Ikki Tousen Xross Impact New Date Announced

2010-03-24 - MMV makes us wait an extra month for latest exploding breast fighter.  Read More »

This Week's Furage Report

2010-03-24 - Persona, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Monster Hunter Freedom 3 and more. [update: 21:48]  Read More »

Yasuhiro Wada Leaves MMV Director Post

2010-03-24 - Company cites personal reasons for resignation. Wada to remain as advisor.  Read More »

First Details: PS3's New Atelier Game

2010-03-24 - The Atelier Rorona sequel features a grown up Rorona, but not in the starring role! First details on Atelier Totori.  Read More »

Check Your Wii For New Love Plus Info

2010-03-24 - Konami releases teaser video; more information coming later this week.  Read More »

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