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Xenoblade Official Site Updated

2010-04-22 - Meet the latest cast members, and learn the true power of the Monado sword.  Read More »

Sega Opens Project K Teaser Site

2010-04-22 - Check out the sweet trailer that Sega showed exclusively to press a month ago.  Read More »

Date Set for Ace Combat Joint Assault

2010-04-22 - Japanese release trails international release by a month. Namco Bandai readying demo.  Read More »

Nippon Ichi Opens Game Shop in PS Home

2010-04-22 - Visit the Disgaea publisher's lounge to become the Absolute Modding Hero of Sony's virtual world.  Read More »

Sony Computer Entertainment Moving Out of Aoyama

2010-04-22 - Toro and Kuro will have to change the route for their next marathon.  Read More »

Who's the first person to get Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker?

2010-04-22 - You'll have to wait until next week for your copy, but the VIP of all Metal Gear VIPs got his copy today.  Read More »

Okamiden Director Shares Secrets of Chibiterasu's Birth

2010-04-22 - Original prototype of DS Okami sequel had fully grown Amaterasu.  Read More »

Here's What Puts the Online in Ikki Online

2010-04-22 - Details on Sunsoft's revival of the game that coined the term "Crappy Game."  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker World Tour Detailed

2010-04-22 - Find out where you need to be to see Kojima and Shinkawa speak.  Read More »

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