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Falcom Promises "Amazing News" For Next Week

2010-04-23 - What could be more amazing than today's news of a new Legend of Heroes?  Read More »

Nintendo Teams With Bear Song Maker For Monkey Band

2010-04-23 - New DSiWare download appears to make monkeys sing your musical creations.  Read More »

Legend of Heroes Sequel Set for PSP

2010-04-23 - Falcom announces Zero no Kiseki for 2010 release.  Read More »

PlayStation 3 Hatsune Miku Looks Like This

2010-04-23 - Sega shares first screens of its expansion that magically makes Project Diva playable on PS3.  Read More »

What's New in Class of Heroes 2G

2010-04-23 - Trophy support, full voice, additional dungeons and... HDD install?  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Commercial 2 Hits

2010-04-23 - Konami working with award winning director Toshiyuki Yagi for post release commercial.  Read More »

First Look: Project K

2010-04-23 - Meet main character Tatsuya Ukyou and learn how this latest Yakuza game kicks off.  Read More »

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