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Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem Screens

2010-06-10 - Our first proper look at the new DS remake includes screens of the My Unit feature and some high res box art.  Read More »

Moon Diver: Story and Screenshot Edition

2010-06-10 - Barcelona. 2081. The ninjas rise from the ashes, humanity's last best hope for survival.  Read More »

Space Invaders Infinity Gene Screenshots

2010-06-10 - Get your first look at Square Enix's rethinking of Space Invaders, now coming to XLA and PSN.  Read More »

First Look: Moon Diver

2010-06-10 - Square Enix's new XLA game is actually coming to PSN too. Get your first look through this E3 trailer.  Read More »

First Look: Console Space Invaders Infinity Gene

2010-06-10 - Square Enix shares a trailer of its latest XLA and PS3 download title.  Read More »

This is your Xenoblade Soundtrack

2010-06-10 - The soundtrack for Monolith's Wii epic spans a full four discs.  Read More »

Check Out Final Fantasy XIV's Character Making

2010-06-10 - Two Square Enix employees provide a sneak peek at the beta version ahead of E3. Plus, our first glimpse at the E3 trailer!  Read More »

Yakuza PSP Gets Real Gravure Models

2010-06-10 - Meet your hostesses and pole dancers and find out what they have to say.  Read More »

All About Xenoblade

2010-06-10 - Wii gets its next big RPG this week. Get up to speed on the world and gameplay for this epic from the makers of Xenosaga and Baten Kaitos.  Read More »

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