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Konami Debuts Metal Gear Solid Rising Gameplay

2010-06-15 - Raiden shown slashing away at enemies using precise sword mechanics.  Read More »

Nippon Ichi and Former Flight-plan Staff Team for Blue Roses

2010-06-15 - New PSP strategy game features overhead grid battles and Super Robot-style attack sequences.  Read More »

Project Natal Formally Named "Kinect"

2010-06-15 - Microsoft announces final name for hands-free controller device at pre-E3 event.  Read More »

Love Plus Takes Potatoes at Annual Romance Awards

2010-06-15 - NRA recognizes Konami girlfriend simulator for contributions to romance.  Read More »

White Knight 2 VS White Knight 1

2010-06-14 - Level-5 releases same comparison shots showing how the first White Knight compares to updated version that's included with part 2.  Read More »

Your Yakuza PSP Bonus Item

2010-06-14 - Sega shares a first look at the Young Kamutai Magazine bonus booklet.  Read More »

Ghost Trick Screens

2010-06-14 - The latest from the makers of Phoenix Wright hits this week. Have a look at the Garbage Processing Plant area.  Read More »

White Knight Chronicles 2 Screenshots

2010-06-14 - A full look at the sequel, showing the new Arc Knights, the original in updated form and more!  Read More »

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