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Legend of Mana Set for PSN

2010-06-26 - Square Enix continues with its classic PlayStation releases.   Read More »

Gundam Extreme Versus Screens

2010-06-26 - Latest look at Namco Bandai's arcade Gundam fighter.  Read More »

Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X Screens & Art

2010-06-26 - Battle scenes showing super attacks, and sweet character sprite art.  Read More »

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Screenshots

2010-06-26 - Full res shots along with costume change samples, distributed to the press at Sega's Private Show today.   Read More »

Dead Rising Teams with Zombie Land for Save the Zombie Day

2010-06-25 - Capcom is promoting Dead Rising 2, and only zombies are invited!   Read More »

The 3rd Birthday Staff on Aya, Twisted, and Showers

2010-06-25 - Four key staff members detail the unique gameplay concepts of this Parasite Eve followup and even provide some hints at a console followup.   Read More »

Mindjack Screenshots

2010-06-25 - New shooter from Square Enix and Feelplus.  Read More »

Sony Takes PlayStation Move on Tour

2010-06-25 - Sample motion control device in advance... tomorrow!   Read More »

The 3rd Birthday's New Main Visual

2010-06-25 - Square Enix's much welcomed platform change brought about some dramatic changes for the game's main visual.   Read More »

Hori Offering Arcade Cabinets For the Masses

2010-06-25 - Well, the masses who have a few thousand dollars to burn.   Read More »

Akatsuki Blitzkampf Sequel Hits Arcades Today

2010-06-25 - The latest in 2D fighting. Check out the screens and promo video before heading out to your local game center.   Read More »

Konami CEO Talks Peace Walker Sales, Love Plus, and Metal Gear Arcade.

2010-06-25 - Why is Love Plus such a phenomenon? Nikkei investigates in this latest CEO interview.   Read More »

More Collaborative DLC For Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

2010-06-25 - Konami continues with its Arakawa Under the Bridge tie-up for the latest download content.   Read More »

Taiko Drum Master DS Dororon! Screenshots

2010-06-25 - Namco Bandai's latest media splash shows Don-chan's power-ups and art for some of your ghoulish foes.   Read More »

Date Set for PSP's K-On! Conversion

2010-06-25 - Sega's next rhythm game (after Hatsune Miku 2) arrives in September. Check out the first trailer here.   Read More »

The 3rd Birthday Update

2010-06-25 - Don't lose focus as Aya's clothes tear off off!   Read More »

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