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Pokemon Black & White Screens

2010-06-28 - A few official screenshots to commemorate today's release date announcements.   Read More »

Inazuma Eleven Set for Wii

2010-06-28 - Mystery platform confirmed for "Break." Level-5 also details plans for soccer series and The Little Battlers.   Read More »

Jun Takeuchi Confirms No Resident Evil 6 Role

2010-06-27 - RE5 and Lost Planet 2 producer seems to be doing some behind-the-scenes work at Capcom.  Read More »

Tetsuya Nomura on 3rd Birthday

2010-06-27 - The creative producer and concept designer gives some insights into the Aya Brea character and why her clothes fall off.   Read More »

Pokemon Black & White Dated

2010-06-27 - We knew it was September. But when in September? Pokemon Sunday gets the scoops.   Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Rising Could be a Series

2010-06-27 - Producer Shigenobu Matsuyama speaks briefly about new HD Metal Gear Solid game.   Read More »

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