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Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory Screenshots

2010-07-01 - Over 90 shots show the various sides of Square Enix's arcade to Wii port.  Read More »

Love Plus and Monster Hunter Top the Charts

2010-07-01 - Lots of newbies in latest sales chart form Enterbrain.   Read More »

Square Enix's Take on Monster Hunter

2010-07-01 - Company unveils Lord of Arcana, a four player online quest-based action title.   Read More »

Final Fantasy XIV Date and Pricing Set

2010-07-01 - PC version to arrive six months before PS3 version.   Read More »

Sega Considering Saturn Download Releases

2010-06-30 - Producer of upcoming Dreamcast ports hints at additional uses for Sega's massive backlog.   Read More »

Ultimate Mario Shirts at Club Nintendo

2010-06-30 - Mix and match Mario artwork to make your own shirt.   Read More »

BlazBlue Continuum Shift DLC Dated, Priced

2010-06-30 - Makoto is just the start! Arc has a big lineup of DLC on the way for the 2D fighting port.   Read More »

White Knight Chronicles Set for PSP

2010-06-30 - New portable entry promises new story and maybe even a new world.   Read More »

New Yakuza Game in Development for PS3

2010-06-30 - New title to feature Majima Goro as playable character. Toshihiro Nagoshi shares a few high level details.   Read More »

What Type of Love Does Japan Prefer?

2010-06-30 - Boys love versus... uhh, girls love. Which came out on top in Konami's great experiment?   Read More »

Square Enix Seeking Dragon Quest Scenario Writers

2010-06-30 - Do you have what it takes to write the text for Japan's biggest RPG series?   Read More »

Ys VS Sora no Kiseki PV Shows Opening Movie

2010-06-30 - Must see trailer for those anticipating the Falcom crossover combat game.   Read More »

Hopping Road Kids Hits Arcades Today

2010-06-30 - Child-oriented update features smaller cabinet and calorie counter.   Read More »

Guess Who's Playing Wii Party?

2010-06-30 - Nintendo's favorite celebrity spokesmens return for upcoming party title.   Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-06-30 - White Knight Chronicles set for PSP. Square Enix's Monster Hunter clone. The latest magazine news leaks. (Updated 14:41)  Read More »

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