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Dark Awake Official Site Opens

2010-07-07 - Check out a short promotional video for Recom's PSN port of Taito's Type X 2D fighter.   Read More »

Top Selling Adults-Only Title Coming to PS3

2010-07-07 - August bringing PC visual novel/love sim home, most likely minus the smut.   Read More »

Check Out the Blue Roses Promo Video

2010-07-07 - All about Nippon Ichi's new strategy title in this first video.   Read More »

PlayStation Move Trailer Shows Ape Escape and More

2010-07-06 - PS3 opening door to a new dimension with motion device, says Sony.   Read More »

Yakuza PSP Limited Edition Is Signed by Nagoshi

2010-07-06 - Sega bundles together some sweet goods for Yakuza fans.   Read More »

Sony Gives PlayStation Move Major Push

2010-07-06 - Company announces software bundles and launch lineup, and also details promotional plans.   Read More »

Resident Evil 5 PS Move Patch Coming in September

2010-07-06 - Patch arriving before PS Move's release. Sony also planning bundle.   Read More »

Sony Readying Higher Capacity PS3s

2010-07-06 - 120 gigabyte model on the way out, to be replaced with 160 and 320 gigabyte versions.   Read More »

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