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The Face of Aya Brea

2010-08-10 - Square Enix brings the sexy to PSP modeling.  Read More »

First Look: DoDonPachi Resurrection iPhone

2010-08-10 - An intense trailer, joined by details on the new SM system.  Read More »

Ace Combat X2 Demo Downloaded 300,000 Times

2010-08-10 - High download count suggests potential success for upcoming flight sequel.  Read More »

Criminal Girls Screens

2010-08-10 - Sprite art so cute you'll want to pinch its cheeks and maybe even spank it.  Read More »

Oh Mai God!

2010-08-09 - King of Fighters' Mai Shiranui shows off her dimensions in new figure from Alpha Max.  Read More »

New Radiant Historia Staff Announced

2010-08-09 - Additional Persona and Megaten staff working on the new DS RPG. Plus, meet the evil empress.  Read More »

Memories Off Full Body Pillows Use Smooth Knit for Good Feeling

2010-08-09 - The latest in pillow cases that will get you arrested at customs.  Read More »

Lord of Arcana Screenshots

2010-08-09 - Dragon Zombie, Troll and more in the latest Lord of Arcana media blast.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Now Undergoing Voice Casting

2010-08-09 - Tetsuya Nomura provides an update on Final Fantasy XIII's sister projects.  Read More »

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