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Dead Rising 2: Case West Screenshots

2010-09-16 - Capcom readies another Xbox 360 exclusive download installment.  Read More »

Team Ico Update

2010-09-16 - Famitsu.com shares screens and details for The Last Guardian, Ico and Colossus.  Read More »

Sega Begins Dreamcast Reprint Project

2010-09-16 - New portal devoted to Dreamcast classics brought back to life on PS3 and Xbox 360.  Read More »

Inazuma Strikers Official Site Opens

2010-09-15 - Two years later, how does the console version of Inazuma eleven look? Find out here!  Read More »

First Look: Shinji Mikami X Suda 51

2010-09-15 - Shadows of the Damned gets its first trailer. Meet the hero of the big Suda x Mikami x EA tie-up project.  Read More »

Date Set for Sonic Adventure

2010-09-15 - Sega readies downloadable Dreamcast classic along with some paid download content.  Read More »

Pokemon Takes Over McDonalds in Odaiba

2010-09-15 - Restaurant gets covered in the colors of black and white in celebration of upcoming Pokemon release.  Read More »

Nintendo and Red Readying Fossil Fighters Sequel

2010-09-15 - Collect over 140 dinosaurs and ancient plans in DS followup.  Read More »

Valkyria Chronicles Set for PSP

2010-09-15 - Producer Shinji Motoyama discusses some of the changes and explains why Sega went portable again.  Read More »

Classic Dungeon Developer Readying Retro Styled Tower Defense

2010-09-15 - Dot Defense hits PSN later this month, complete with sprite visuals and a stage edit mode.  Read More »

Vanquish Screenshots

2010-09-15 - Sam faces off against some massive bosses using his sniper rifle, rocket launcher and other weapons.  Read More »

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