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Pokemon Black & White Causes DS Sales Spike

2010-09-23 - System sales double as new Pokemon game takes over the charts.  Read More »

Misshitsu no Sacrifice Spinoff Has Zoomable Event Scenes

2010-09-22 - Jitka, the original's sexiest heroine, stars in the new downloadable entry.  Read More »

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Screenshots

2010-09-22 - Wesker, Spiderman, and 2P colors for Tron Bonne and Iron Man.  Read More »

Retroriffic Dot Defense Hits Today

2010-09-22 - The latest from the makers of Classic Dungeon packs a lot into ¥1,200.  Read More »

OneChanbara PSP Detailed

2010-09-22 - Your favorite scantily clad zombie hunters go portable for their latest bout of grotesque action.  Read More »

Team Ninja Head Talks Up Dead or Alive Dimensions

2010-09-22 - Producer hopes to start DOA franchise once again with 3DS installment.  Read More »

Date Set For Shiren the Wanderer 5

2010-09-22 - Chunsoft's return to publishing begins in December.  Read More »

Tales of Graces F Demo Pushed to October

2010-09-22 - Namco Bandai makes up for the delay with some new trailer footage.  Read More »

Capcom and Level-5 Teaming Up

2010-09-22 - Keiji Inafune relays great praise for Akihiro Hino in recent interview.  Read More »

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