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Nintendo 3DS -- First Party Game Screens

2010-09-29 - Zelda, Kid Icarus, Nintendogs, Paper Mario and more get fresh media blasts.   Read More »

Metal Gear Solid 3DS Due in Spring

2010-09-29 - Konami shares new screens for 3DS revival of classic Metal Gear Solid.  Read More »

Nintendo Slashes Earnings Forecasts Following 3DS Release Announcement

2010-09-29 - 3DS release conditions cited alongside appreciating yen as reason for cuts.  Read More »

Nintendo Readying Mario Anniversary DSi LL

2010-09-29 - Limited edition system is red and covered with Mario markings.  Read More »

Puzzle Bobble Goes 3D on 3DS

2010-09-29 - Classic puzzler makes use of 3D space for new gimmicks.  Read More »

Pokemon Typing Comes With a Wireless Keyboard

2010-09-29 - Nintendo Wireless Keyboard to be bundled with every copy.  Read More »

Capcom Makes Big 3DS Push

2010-09-29 - Mega Man Legends and a second Resident Evil game join the lineup. Plus, first details on Super SFIV and Revelations.  Read More »

Pokemon Typing Yes!

2010-09-29 - Because 2.5 million first week sales wasn't enough for Nintendo, DS is getting another Pokemon game.  Read More »

The Last Story Hits in January

2010-09-29 - Wii's biggest RPG since Xenoblade won't arrive until early next year.  Read More »

Transfer DSi Ware Games to 3DS

2010-09-29 - Nintendo makes the new system a lot more attractive for current DSi owners.  Read More »

Nintendo's Press Conference: Digest Version

2010-09-29 - All the major announcements from today's big press event.  Read More »

Nintendo Conference 2010 Second Hand Live Blog

2010-09-29 - Covering Nintendo's press conference through others, because I wasn't invited.  Read More »

Nintendo's Stock Rises on Anticipation of Upcoming Press Conference

2010-09-29 - Investors excited about upcoming announcements, but would apparently be more excited about a worldwide release this year.  Read More »

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