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Level-5's Little Battler Experience Hits in March

2010-10-16 - Long awaited PSP RPG now has a final release date. Get up to date on the main cast.  Read More »

Chocobo Mystery Dungeon 2 Set for PSN

2010-10-16 - Next Square Enix classics release coming later this month.  Read More »

Four Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Boss Monsters

2010-10-16 - You're going to have to wait until the final version to see these guys in action.  Read More »

Hero 30 Second Demo Hits in November

2010-10-15 - Producer encourages players to make sure they clear the original first.  Read More »

Xbox Live Arcade King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match Dated

2010-10-15 - Downloadable fighter arrives in early November with 66 characters and updated visuals.  Read More »

How To Get Super Street Fighter IV's New Arrange Costumes

2010-10-15 - Capcom outlines the steps for obtaining the new download content.  Read More »

Meet Your Malicious Female Protagonist

2010-10-15 - Plus, the latest gameplay details for Avlion's packed PS3 action title.  Read More »

3DS Animal Resort Update

2010-10-15 - MMV's debut title looks like it could be a robust simulation.  Read More »

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's New Quest Systems

2010-10-15 - Temporary pouch, barrel delivery service, lure fishing, and other convenient features to help you on your quests.  Read More »

What's New in Gundam Musou 3

2010-10-15 - Check out the Partner Strike and Energy Dash systems. Plus, the latest Mobile Suit images.  Read More »

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