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Catherine's Opening Movie

2010-10-19 - It's really just a staff roll... with walking man goats and Vincent in his undies!  Read More »

Malicious: Trailer 3

2010-10-19 - A bit of story before the downloadable carnage begins.  Read More »

Let's Play Guess the Localization With Spike

2010-10-19 - Kenka Bancho publisher also big on localizations, and they want you to guess the next title.  Read More »

Rune Factory Oceans Screens

2010-10-18 - Marvelous brings the next Rune Factory to PS3 and Wii. Check out these screens and the pre-order bonus.  Read More »

Square Enix Seeking Final Fantasy Versus XIII Planners

2010-10-18 - Help them finish making Versus. Please help them finish making Versus!  Read More »

Malicious Arrives Next Week

2010-10-18 - Finally, a release date for Alvion's eye catching downloadable PlayStation 3 action title.  Read More »

Yasumi Matsuno Gets His Tactics Ogre On

2010-10-18 - The man behind the franchise tries out the new PSP version direct off UMD.  Read More »

One Million Social Monster Hunters

2010-10-18 - Mobile entry in Monster Hunter series reaches one million users a couple of months after its release.  Read More »

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