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Watch the Dynasty Warriors 7 Announcement Live

2010-10-26 - Tecmo Koei formally announcing long awaited sequel later today.  Read More »

Acquire Hints at Shinobido Revival

2010-10-26 - "Way of the Ninja" could see a PlayStation 3 revival if you Tweet about it.  Read More »

Maid Meets Cat Bringing PSP Love Sim to PS3

2010-10-26 - Love at Once seeing new heroine and more in trip to HD.  Read More »

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Screenshots

2010-10-25 - A look at the various facilities in Yukumo Town's public bath area.  Read More »

Love Zombie Screenshots

2010-10-25 - Get your first look at Chunsoft's zombie strategy title.  Read More »

Parasite Eve Hits PSN in November

2010-10-25 - Square Enix shares final release and pricing information for Game Archives releases.  Read More »

Super Mario Bros. Originally Had Beam Guns and Rocket Packs

2010-10-25 - Nintendo provides a look at the slightly different control scheme it had in mind for the 8-bit classic.  Read More »

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