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Two Weeks at the Top For God Eater Burst

2010-11-11 - Monster Hunter clone beats newcomers like Fallout New Vegas and Radiant Historia to cross 320,000 units.  Read More »

Tales of Graces F Collaboration Screens

2010-11-11 - Tales meets Toro, Tales meets Hatsune Miku, Tales meets Code Geass and more!  Read More »

The Last Story Has Online Play

2010-11-10 - Six player cooperative and competitive play confirmed for upcoming RPG.  Read More »

5pb. Unveils Original Xbox 360 Fighter

2010-11-10 - Meet the cast of Phantom Breaker, and find out what 5pb.'s CEO has to say about his company's first fighting game.  Read More »

Arte Piazza Delivers Tower Defense to DSi Ware

2010-11-10 - Arrow of Laputa promises orthodox tower defense experience along with some new elements.  Read More »

Ys Book I&II Hits PSN Next Week

2010-11-10 - Hudson continues to build its PC Engine Archives lineup. Three games coming next week.  Read More »

Capcom Outlines Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Plans

2010-11-10 - Monster Hunter Festa tournament, new collaborations and new gameplay systems detailed at press conference.  Read More »

Tango Delivers Another Illustration from Teacher O

2010-11-10 - Is this another look at the new game from Studio Shinji Mikami?  Read More »

This Year's Club Nintendo Platinum Bonuses

2010-11-10 - Calendars, badges and handkerchiefs up for grabs for Platinum Members this year.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get: F Style

2010-11-10 - 5pb's new fighting game revealed. The latest magazine leaks.  Read More »

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