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Check Out Sophie in Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3

2010-11-18 - This site's unhealthy obsession with the Tales of Graces heroine continues.  Read More »

Tactics Ogre Tops the Charts

2010-11-18 - PSP remake sells nearly 200,000 units in first week. Wii sees Mario influenced sales surge.  Read More »

Idolmaster 2 Release Date Set

2010-11-18 - Xbox 360 sequel arrives in February with special packaging and bonuses.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIV Producers Detail PlayStation 3 Version

2010-11-17 - Console version already 100% ported. Team currently optimizing to get performance close to PC.  Read More »

Catherine: Drink Beer To Speed Your Dreams Up

2010-11-17 - Famitsu provides an update for its readers' third most wanted game.  Read More »

Imageepoch Enters Publishing Business

2010-11-17 - RPG maker to announce intentions at press conference next week.  Read More »

Nintendo Releases Free DS Guide Making App

2010-11-17 - Shop and gallery owners can make their own guide and send it out to customers.  Read More »

The 3rd Birthday Set for PSN Release

2010-11-17 - Players will be able to obtain the Parasite Eve sequel digitally.  Read More »

Big Shaking Breast Anime Goes Social

2010-11-17 - Marvelous readying browser game based off Ikki Tousen/Battle Vixens.  Read More »

This Week's Mini Flying Get

2010-11-17 - Final Fantasy XIV PS3 completely ported! Dangan-Ronpa scores big! New White Knight details! New Sakura Wars! Exclamation point!  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts 3D Connects to Kingdom Hearts III

2010-11-17 - Tetsuya Nomura reveals a few bits about the 3DS entry in latest interview.  Read More »

New Aya Brea Costume: Knight Armor

2010-11-17 - You'll soon find out how "knight armor" can be sexier than a maid outfit.  Read More »

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