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Tales of Graces F: The Cake

2010-12-02 - Fans celebrate the PS3 release with a cake that looks way too good to eat.  Read More »

White Knight Chronicles PSP: PV 2

2010-12-02 - Gameplay heavy video shows avatar creation and combat system.  Read More »

Rurouni Kenshin Screenshots

2010-12-02 - A look at Namco Bandai's fighting adaptation of the hit manga and anime.  Read More »

Gran Turismo 5 Tops the Charts With 430,000 Units

2010-12-02 - PlayStation 3 sees major sales spike, but still fails to beat hot PSP.  Read More »

Nintendo's Pushes Wii For Parties

2010-12-01 - New campaign promotes Wii for use at Christmas and New Years gatherings.  Read More »

FarmVille Hits Japan as a Mixi App

2010-12-01 - Popular social game finally sees Japanese language release.  Read More »

Gran Turismo 5 Took Three Yakuzas to Make

2010-12-01 - Screenshot reminds us just how long racer has been in development.  Read More »

Binary Domain: The First Trailer

2010-12-01 - Sega's Yakuza team tries out sci-fi, robots, and guns.  Read More »

First Look: Binary Domain

2010-12-01 - Screens and artwork for the Yakuza team's new PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title.  Read More »

Get In Shape With Megumi and Shape Boxing 2

2010-12-01 - Former gravure idol selected as image character for upcoming fitness title.  Read More »

Sample the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Web Demo

2010-12-01 - First chapter of DS game recreated at the official site.  Read More »

Yamauchi Talks Gran Turismo 5 on Twitter

2010-12-01 - Producer responds to player comments and suggestions.  Read More »

It's Keiji Inafune!

2010-12-01 - Former Capcom superstar reemerges with a new blog and a big smile.   Read More »

Yakuza Of the End: Close Up Gun Shot Battle

2010-12-01 - Have a look at the gunplay in the new Yakuza game, with step-by-step shots of the new Heat Snipe moves.  Read More »

White Knight Chronicles PSP Date Set

2010-12-01 - PSP version hits in February. Get some special weapons by activating online play license.  Read More »

Mega Man 9 Hits Cell Phones

2010-12-01 - 8-bit visuals remain fully intact in mobile release.  Read More »

Square Enix Shares Jump Festa Lineup

2010-12-01 - Playable Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, 3rd Birthday and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 highlight event.  Read More »

Idolmaster 2 Little Match Girl PV

2010-12-01 - The sixth promotional clip shows three idols performing the pre-order bonus song.  Read More »

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