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How Cats Ended up in Nintendogs + cats

2011-01-10 - Producer reveals Shigeru Miyamoto's role in new title and outlines some of the new features.  Read More »

Iwata on 3DS Software Supply, Holiday Sales, and Developing Countries

2011-01-10 - CEO says system won't see post launch lull experienced by DS and Wii.  Read More »

Idolmaster Getting Anime Converstion

2011-01-10 - Inevitable conversion announced at series New Years event.  Read More »

Iwata Defends 3DS 3D Warning

2011-01-10 - System packaging to have warning messages about continued use by children.  Read More »

Nintendo Aiming For 1.5 Million 3DS Systems in Japan

2011-01-10 - CEO Satoru Iwata reiterates plan for 4 million total systems worldwide through the end of March.  Read More »

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