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Doki Doki Suikoden Has Online Battles

2011-02-02 - Face off against friends near and far in upcoming cosplay simulation.  Read More »

Anarchy Reigns: Meet Zero, the Ninja

2011-02-02 - Our second character reveal for Platinum's new online action fighter.  Read More »

New SNK Arcade Collection Coming to PSP

2011-02-01 - Twenty pre Neo Geo SNK titles on one UMD, this April.  Read More »

BlazBlue Continuum Shift II: 3DS VS PSP

2011-02-01 - A new trailer and some screens showing off the differences between the two versions.  Read More »

Demon's Souls Followup Officially "Dark Souls"

2011-02-01 - Famitsu has a big report on the successor to one of the most critically acclaimed titles of this generation.  Read More »

CEDEC Gets a Name Change

2011-02-01 - New name for Japanese version of Game Developers Conference is a bit easier to explain.  Read More »

Mobile Earth Defense Force Hits Today With No Legs

2011-02-01 - D3 Publisher offer cell phone gamers a simulation take on the popular franchise.  Read More »

Satin Silver PlayStation 3 Hits in March

2011-02-01 - Just in time for the big March software flood that includes Yakuza Of the End and Dynasty Warriors 7.  Read More »

This Is an Ace Attorney Puzzle Game

2011-02-01 - Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth do not object to some cheap block-based puzzles.  Read More »

Hey Mr. Tetsuya Nomura, Whatchu Up To?

2011-02-01 - Square Enix's zipper chief is doing more than just Kingdom Hearts and Versus XIII.  Read More »

Tetsuya Nomura Talks Up Final Fantasy Versus XIII

2011-02-01 - Director shares lots of new details on Final Fantasy XIII sister project in Famitsu interview.  Read More »

Akiba's Trip: Strip Enemies of Their Clothing

2011-02-01 - Combat system details for Acquire's Akihabara-based vampire game. Plus, the "Little Sister System" revealed!  Read More »

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