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3DS Fishing Arrives in June

2011-02-22 - ASCII sets a final date for its real bass fishing game for 3DS.  Read More »

Final Fantasy III Coming to iPhone

2011-02-21 - New version due out in March. Logo makes some speculate about connection with DS version.  Read More »

The Most Powerful Forces in Xbox 360 Gaming

2011-02-21 - Famitsu Xbox 360 EIC gets a commemorative pic in with Cave's Makoto Asada.  Read More »

Tecmo Koei Details Dynasty Warriors 7 Promo Plans

2011-02-21 - Televisions, celebrities, download content, and gum for upcoming PS3 release.  Read More »

Cave Shares Latest iPhone Plans

2011-02-21 - Deathsmiles, updated Bug Panic and more on the way.  Read More »

Important News From Cave Image Gallery

2011-02-21 - Cave's press conference and demo event draws crowds to Akihabara on Saturday afternoon.  Read More »

Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip

2011-02-21 - One of two arcade Love Plus games set for release this week. Konami shared the latest screens at AOU.  Read More »

Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life Screenshots

2011-02-21 - Latest look at the the Love Plus arcade medal game, provided at AOU 2011.  Read More »

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