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Tales of Xillia: Leia Roland Close Up

2011-02-25 - Have a look at the heroine of the new Tales game via these full resolution screenshots.  Read More »

3DS Launch Title Functionality Check

2011-02-24 - Which games use the system's features? Famitsu explores!  Read More »

Capcom's Daletto is No More

2011-02-24 - Former Inafune-run online business being absorbed into Capcom.  Read More »

Gungnir Teaser Site Opens

2011-02-24 - Get a sampling of the game's soundtrack. Plus, staff details and some first screens!  Read More »

First Look: Final Fantasy III iPhone

2011-02-24 - Famitsu.com shares screens and video footage for the latest remake.  Read More »

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