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A Few Bits About Gungnir

2011-02-28 - Retailer details some of the gameplay systems from Sting's latest strategy title.  Read More »

New Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Trailer

2011-02-28 - Get a brief look at the new Interlude chapter in this retail promo video.  Read More »

Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy's Labyrinth Mode

2011-02-28 - Plus, a look at all the modes of play that await in this week's sequel.  Read More »

Sony Cuts Price of PS3 DVR Pack

2011-02-28 - DVR kit bundle goes down by 4,000 yen starting tomorrow. White version on the way too.  Read More »

Trading Card Game Weiss Schwarz Being Converted to PSP Game

2011-02-28 - Gaming adaptation said to combine trading card sim with love sim.  Read More »

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