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Armored Core V Demo Play Hits Next Week

2011-03-04 - You won't get to play it, but you will get to see other people play it!  Read More »

Latest Akiba's Trip Promo Video

2011-03-04 - Watch the school uniform stripping mechanics in action! Plus, bonus item details!  Read More »

Catherine Patch Nearing Completion

2011-03-04 - Director shares some details on what to expect and hints at more content for the future.  Read More »

Let's Explore 3DS Software Sales

2011-03-04 - Which did better out the gate, the DS or the 3DS? You won't find the answer here!  Read More »

Oreshika Remake and Possible Sequel Confirmed

2011-03-04 - Designer appears to be considering directions for sequel.  Read More »

Bonk Gets a Home Personal Space

2011-03-04 - 500 yen for something that... doesn't really look anything like Bonk, but oh well!  Read More »

Free Catherine Avatar Coming in April

2011-03-04 - But the real way to get some avatar goodies is to take the time attack challenge!  Read More »

Let's Look at Shanghai 3D Cube

2011-03-04 - The one 3DS launch window game you'll probably never play.  Read More »

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