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Homefront in Japanese

2011-03-25 - Spike shares a Japanese language trailer. Release still set for April 14.  Read More »

PSP Steins;Gate Comes With Lab Coat and Slippers

2011-03-25 - 5pb. comes up with some unusual goodies for the PSP port's limited edition.  Read More »

BlazBlue Continuum Shift II: 3DS vs PSP Part 2

2011-03-25 - Arc System Works shares a FAQ about what's different and what's the same for the upcoming fighter.  Read More »

Strania: The Stella Machina Videos

2011-03-25 - Check out the next Xbox 360 shooter from G.Rev, which becomes available for download next week.  Read More »

More Akiba's Trip Strip Actions

2011-03-25 - You'll tear the clothes of more than just bloodsucking schoolgirls.  Read More »

River City Ransom 2 Confirmed for Wii

2011-03-25 - Miracle Kidz reveals download WiiWare release for long awaited sequel.  Read More »

Check out Jill and Wesker in Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D

2011-03-25 - Official site gets a huge refresh with the latest details on the first 3DS Resident Evil.  Read More »

Have a Look at Evil Ryu

2011-03-25 - Capcom updates arcade fighter with latest character and shares screens and videos.  Read More »

More Support Illustrations from Kojima Productions

2011-03-25 - Hideo Kojima and crew show their support for relief efforts.  Read More »

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