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Idea Factory: Girl Games For Japan, Boy Games For Overseas

2011-04-08 - Your favorite otome studio plans to keep overseas markets in mind when developing male-oriented PS3 titles.  Read More »

Wi-Fi Ready Puyo Puyo Virtual Console Release Coming Next Week

2011-04-08 - Play against friends and strangers in the Virtual Console version of this classic.  Read More »

Malicious Another Story Screens

2011-04-08 - This iPad companion to the downloadable PlayStation 3 action title has a 277 page novel, a 12 track soundtrack and an art book.  Read More »

Super Street Fighter IV -- Oni, High Res Screens

2011-04-08 - The second secret character for the arcade version of Super SFIV.  Read More »

Galaga Legions DX Screenshots

2011-04-08 - The latest screens from Namco Bandai show the game's "Focus Fire" system.  Read More »

OMG Why is Hideo Kojima eating so early today!!!???

2011-04-08 - Warning: there is no need to read this story, although Kojima's lunch today does look delicious.  Read More »

Mega Man Legends 3 Project Restarts

2011-04-08 - Producer Tatsuya Kitabayashi declares a restart to dormant project and shares an image of support for quake recovery efforts.  Read More »

Oni Joins the Fight in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

2011-04-08 - Fourth not-so-secret character appears in arcades starting today.  Read More »

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