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Next Week is Chrono Week!

2011-04-23 - Virtual Console version, cell phone version, and possibly Game Archives version too!  Read More »

The Final Promise Story Opening Movie

2011-04-23 - Imageepoch goes with anime, rock and (partial) English lyrics for its first self-published RPG.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Type-0 Screenshots

2011-04-22 - Square Enix shares new screens to go along with the game's official site opening.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Type-0 Official Site Opens

2011-04-22 - Sample the sounds of the new Fabula Nova Crystallis. Plus, new screens and details!  Read More »

So how many copies do 5pb.'s Xbox 360 games sell anyway?

2011-04-22 - The soon-to-be dissolved Xbox 360 mainstay has varying success on the Microsoft system.  Read More »

Mega Man Legends 3 Prologue Screenshots

2011-04-22 - Official media for the Japanese version of the upcoming downloadable paid demo.  Read More »

The Totally Must-See Nin-2 Jump Trailer

2011-04-22 - Check out the trailer for Cave's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade action game, which comes with a preview for Akai Katana Shin.  Read More »

Mega Man Legends 3 Official Site Opens

2011-04-22 - Capcom Japan formally announces paid e-Shop demo for end of May.  Read More »

Otome wa Bokusama ni Koishiteiru Portable 2 Screenshots

2011-04-22 - Latest screens of Alchemist's PSP visual novel show the scenarios for summer through October.  Read More »

Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary Screenshots

2011-04-22 - Full res shots of the new DS entry in the Puyo Puyo series.  Read More »

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