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A Glimpse at Atelier Meruru's Intro

2011-04-27 - Gemaga shares a pic from the animated opening to the next PS3 Atelier game.  Read More »

No Additional Characters for Home Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

2011-04-27 - This and other little bits and pieces from a Capcom feature in this week's Dengeki PlayStation.  Read More »

Paint Your 3DS Like Evangelion and Gundam.

2011-04-27 - Dezaegg begins pricey custom pain service for Nintendo's fledging system.  Read More »

One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP Screenshots

2011-04-27 - A closer look at Marco, Jaws and Jinbei. Plus, screens of four routes through the new Marine Ford Mode.  Read More »

Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters Goes Live on Mobage

2011-04-27 - Free-to-play RPG take on Phantasy Star Online links up with Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity.  Read More »

Little Bits From Nintendo's Tokyo Earnings Briefing

2011-04-26 - Free 3D Excitebike launching with 3D Classics. Wii Vitality Sensor still in development.  Read More »

Street Fighter x Tekken Screens

2011-04-26 - Take a look at Abel, Guile, King, Marduk, Chun-Li and Bob in the new crossover fighter.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Type-0: Moogles, Characters and New Gameplay Details

2011-04-26 - Dengeki provides the latest details on what could be the biggest PSP game yet!  Read More »

Nin-2 Jump Screens

2011-04-26 - Cave's Xbox Live Arcade action title hits on the 27th. Latest screenshots here.  Read More »

No More Heroes Red Zone Screens

2011-04-26 - A few tiny screens show what's new for the PS3 re-release.  Read More »

In Final Fantasy Type-0, Moogle stands for something

2011-04-26 - Plus, the latest character reveals via Dengeki PlayStation  Read More »

Keiji Inafune is in Neptune 2

2011-04-26 - Former Capcom development head has some powerful attacks in upcoming PS3 RPG.  Read More »

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