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This is What a 40,000 Yen Limited Edition Looks Like

2011-05-19 - Famitsu shares screens of the new PS3 Super Robot Wars OG game, and a pic of the pricey LE.  Read More »

Dragon Quest Continues Rein; 3DS Continues Fall

2011-05-19 - Slow week for sales even as a bunch of new releases hit retail following Golden Week.  Read More »

Kojima Tells Nomura to Remake Final Fantasy VII

2011-05-19 - Twitter explodes as Square Enix and Konami VIPs get together for dinner.  Read More »

Luida's Bar Advances to Level 4

2011-05-18 - Next phase in DQ franchise's 25th anniversary celebration involves new food items at Roppongi pub.  Read More »

Soul Calibur V Update

2011-05-18 - Too much info about new main character Patroklos. Plus, producer Hisaharu Tago reveals surprisingly little.  Read More »

iPhone Final Fantasy Tactics Due in Late June or July

2011-05-18 - Square Enix also readying iPad version with redrawn visuals.  Read More »

Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D Screenshots

2011-05-18 - Barry Burton joins the cast of the upcoming 3DS title.  Read More »

Pandora's Tower Has Love Sim Elements

2011-05-18 - Give gifts to Ceres. Do it quickly before she turns into a beast!  Read More »

Soul Calibur V is 10% Complete

2011-05-18 - Famitsu provides a few bits about the PS360 sequel.  Read More »

PS3 Super Robot Wars Limited Edition Costs More than PS3

2011-05-18 - Namco Bandai celebrating HD sprites with pricey anime box set.  Read More »

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