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Super Pokemon Rumble Comes With Pikachu Paper Craft

2011-06-18 - 3DS Poke freaks gets some sweet bonuses with the first retail 3DS Pokemon title.  Read More »

Devil Survivor 2: Meet Tico and Tico

2011-06-17 - Your guides to the dead face video site Nicaea. Plus, check out the Tuesday invader!  Read More »

Super Pokemon Rumble Screenshots

2011-06-17 - Take control of toy Pokemon figures in the 3DS' first retail Pokemon title.  Read More »

A coupla new Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

2011-06-17 - Plus, what does producer Yoshinori Kitase have to say about new hero Noel?  Read More »

2nd Super Robot Wars OG 1st Trailer

2011-06-17 - See the OG on PlayStation 3, and rock out to the mad beats!  Read More »

Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes Screenshots

2011-06-17 - Latest screens of the PSP sequel show the new aerial gameplay.  Read More »

Regional Love Plus Colorful Clip

2011-06-17 - Travel around Japan with your digital girlfriend.  Read More »

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