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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Full Res Screenshots

2011-07-15 - High res versions of those Famitsu screens from earlier in the day, plus a few more!  Read More »

Street Fighter x Tekken Teaser Movie 6

2011-07-15 - Latest trailer for the upcoming Comic-Con character reveal.  Read More »

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens

2011-07-15 - Noel makes his impression on Nora. And... is that a town?  Read More »

Shadows of the Damned Includes Issue of Playbox

2011-07-14 - Japan has to wait a bit, but EA is including some sweet bonus goods.  Read More »

Tales of Xillia x Idolmaster -- Gameplay Images

2011-07-14 - Elise, Milla and Leia do their best Haruka, Takane and Yukiho impressions in this paid Xillia DLC.  Read More »

Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos Screenshots

2011-07-14 - Samurai Showdown's Cham Cham, original characters returning from Queen's Blade, intermission interface, and more.  Read More »

NeoGeo Station New Lineup Screenshots

2011-07-14 - King of Fighters '95 and Baseball Stars 2 available today on PS3 and PSP.  Read More »

New Final Fantasy Type-0 Footage Coming This Weekend

2011-07-14 - Demo event to also feature latest footage of PSP title.  Read More »

Brave Company: 3DS vs iPhone

2011-07-14 - What's different between the 3DS and iOS version of Namco Bandai's new sim, other than the former costing 10 times as much?  Read More »

Urban Champion 3DS Screenshots

2011-07-14 - The latest 3D Classics title is available for download today.  Read More »

Dynasty Warriors 7 Latest DLC

2011-07-14 - Wrestler outfit available today. School outfits coming later this month.  Read More »

Your Final Fantasy XIII-2 Staff

2011-07-14 - Find out who's making the sequel (hint: you probably already know most of the staff).  Read More »

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