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Senran Kagura Special Attacks

2011-08-02 - Each hero in MMV's erotic 3D action title has a special attack, themed around an animal.  Read More »

No Talking Gundam in Gundam Age

2011-08-02 - Level-5 CEO corrects a few strange rumors about the new Gundam series.  Read More »

Tales of Xillia Screenshots

2011-08-02 - King Gaius, the orb character growth system, chain attacks, the opening anime, and the Ayumi Hamasaki costume.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Tactics iPhone Hits This Week

2011-08-02 - Famitsu delivers a live gameplay video of the iOS port of the strategy classic.  Read More »

Lollipop Chainsaw Has Support From Hollywood

2011-08-01 - Kadokawa announces publishing partner and scenario supervisor for Suda 51's new game.  Read More »

High Res Lollipop Chainsaw Screenshots

2011-08-01 - Grasshopper's new PS360 action title has cheerleaders, zombies and hearts.  Read More »

Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa Hybrid Pack Trailer

2011-08-01 - Over three minutes of footage from the pairing of the Macross F movie and the game based off it.  Read More »

Dragon's Dogma Screenshots

2011-08-01 - See your pawn support characters in action in these latest screens.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 In Development

2011-08-01 - We have what appears to be a name for the updated version of SF that Capcom announced at the Evo tournament.  Read More »

Armored Core V Delayed to January

2011-08-01 - From Software wants to implement changes based off tester reaction.  Read More »

Instant Brain Demo Coming in September

2011-08-01 - You'll need to get a copy of Famitsu Xbox 360 or Gemaga to get the demo.  Read More »

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ties Up With Bravia

2011-08-01 - Capcom using Sony monitors in development of first PSP Remaster title.  Read More »

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