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First PlayStation Vita Ys Screens

2011-09-14 - Falcom reading latest entry in series for Vita release in 2012.  Read More »

Disgaea 3 Return Screenshots

2011-09-14 - PlayStation Vita may be getting a Disgaea game at launch. Check out the latest screens.  Read More »

Katamari Damacy, Ninja Gaiden, and More Due for PlayStation Vita

2011-09-14 - Third parties announce major launch support for Sony's new portable.  Read More »

Square Enix's PlayStation Vita Titles Detailed

2011-09-14 - Lord of Apocalypse and Armies of Hell both due in 2011.  Read More »

First God Eater 2 Details

2011-09-14 - New Aragami, new weapons, new visual style! But not a new platform!  Read More »

Steins; Gate Gets a Movie Conversion

2011-09-14 - Mages announces a new development for the popular adventure franchise.  Read More »

Iwata says no to further 3DS Pricedrops and smartphone support

2011-09-14 - Nikkei interviews the shacho following yesterday's big press conference.  Read More »

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