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Sonic Generations Street Pass Support Detailed

2011-10-26 - Exchange profile cards and missions with other players.  Read More »

Rhythm Thief Blurry Screenshots

2011-10-26 - Sega's 3DS rhythm has been dated for January 19. Check out these blurry screenshots that were sent out today.  Read More »

Sonic Generations -- 3DS Screenshots

2011-10-26 - Screens from Radical Highway, remade from Sonic Adventure 2.  Read More »

Sonic Generations -- PS3 and Xbox 360 Screenshots

2011-10-26 - Shadow the Hedgehog, along with screens of Speed Highway Zone.  Read More »

Spike's New Game is Conception: Please Have My Baby

2011-10-26 - A school based RPG where you save the world and experience love with a dozen or so girls.  Read More »

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