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Nintendo Direct 08.29.2012 Live Blog

2012-08-29 - The latest Wii and 3DS news -- but no Wii U news!!! -- straight from CEO Satoru Iwata.  Read More »

Tokitowa Has Relationship Elements

2012-08-29 - Change the story based off your relationship with Toki and her alter ego Towa.  Read More »

Project X Zone: Meet the Enemies

2012-08-29 - Lord Raptor, Selvaria Bles and other rivals appear as foes in the crossover strategy RPG.  Read More »

Nintendo Also Has a Retailer Briefing This Week

2012-08-29 - Nintendo information overload! Could Animal Crossing get the spotlight this week?  Read More »

Social Romancing SaGa Resurfaces

2012-08-28 - Registration starts for Emperors SaGa on GREE.  Read More »

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