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Simple Series Tops Twenty Million

Average of 60,000 units per game.


D3 Publisher has announced that its Simple Series lineup of low-priced games has topped the 20 million sales mark worldwide. This figure has been reached close to 10 years after the series started up in 1998, and includes sales from some 345 games.

A little bit of amateur math reveals 60,000 units per game, 35 games per year, and two million pieces of software per year. These aren't official D3 numbers, though, just some results that we arrived at when dividing 20 million by various numbers.

To commemorate this commemorative occasion, D3 Publisher will be releasing an older Simple series title at an even simpler price. Simple DS Series Vol.1 The Mahjong, a mahjong game developed by Warashi, will be re-released on 12/20 at a tax-inclusive price of 1,480 yen. This is about half the standard 2,800 yen asking price.

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